Monday, July 6, 2009


(Boy with luekiemia, what my sister has)
Okay, so I have this really annoying foster sister named Riley. She makes jokes about my sister in the hospital, the one who's going to die any day, and plays pranks, and then just smiles. Her blonde curls just bounce around her face, and her white pearly teeth in a cute little smirk make her parents think, oh, it's okay.
But it's totally not okay.
She's put cling-wrap on my toilet, she's rubber banded the faucet nozzle so it would spray me, she's 'accidentally' dropped my plate on the floor, and then the dog ate my food, she has put dye in my shampoo, she has put a bucket of water on the top of my open door.
So today, I snapped. She actually threw me over the edge today. I was on the computer, but she wanted to get on on Neopets really bad, so she starts dissing me. And then she says something like, "You don't matter anyway, that's why you're in foster care. That's why your mom is in prison and that's why your dad left you. And I'm glad your sister's going to die. I really am. Because then you will be miserable, and go and cry. And I will have the computer all to myself because you are going to curl up in a little emo ball and cry."
So I lost it. I yelled at her, and I slapped her across the face. Then she starts crying and runs and tells Alicia that Seth was being mean to her and slapped her, showing her the red mark my hand made when I hit her.
So Alicia grabs my arm and gives me a talkin' to, and then when she's done with me, she gives me to Kenneth. And Kenneth yells at me because I'm not supposed to hit people, much less his daughter.
And I get to leave in three days. They'll get it all sorted out, and ship me on my way. It's going to be great. Wah-hoo!
I go to see my sister, Mariella, in the hospital tomorrow. I ride my bike to see her a lot. Nobody else goes to visit. Not even Kenneth, and he's the nicest of the bunch.
Mariella's getting really weak. The chemo is really eating at her, and the cancer is too strong. The doctor -- I hate the doctor -- says she's going to die in a few days.
Well, that's kind of a slap in the face!
I refuse to accept that. There has to be something that can be done, you know? Like, maybe someone up there has been watching how well I handle Riley (most of the time, cough, cough) and thinks I deserve something good.
Or at least I'm hoping that.



  1. Hi steph...its michael...check out your previous blog would you?


  2. Kansas: What are you talking about??

  3. Just curious, why did Steph "start you over"?

  4. the blog was totally off track from the book and starting to scare both me and her. so we started over.

  5. Oh, okay. That's too bad :( Is Steph posting on her writing blog again? Like, is there somewhere that I can read the "real" book of what's going on?

  6. If you would like, I could email the book itself to you, as long as I have your most sencere word that you won't use it for yourself.

  7. If you do that, I'd like to read it too. You should know where to find me.
    And that's really messed up. I'd like to meet that Riley girl and smack her all the way to Canada. No, Russia. I don't want the awesome Canadians to have to deal with that brat.

  8. Yeah, Nano, I think I have your email. Kendra, you can reach me at if you're interested :)

  9. That would be awesome! I'll email you in just a sec...

  10. above the picture at top it says a boy with that cancer(i cant spell it so i wouldnt even try) and it says my sister has it. for a second i thought you meant kristen i thought"WHAT??!!??" but i realized that this is seths blog. not stephs o.0 whoops