Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things About This Blog

Sorry I haven't been posting. My author has been busy and hasn't been writing so much lately, so (what with trying to write as I post) not much has been going on in normal time.
Something about Novel Time is it starts off right where it left off. Like, right now, it's been a few weeks since I've posted, but in my time as I stand in Steph's imagination, no time at all has past. Think of it as if you put a bookmark in the time, left for a day, and got back right where you were as you were reading a book.
Like, as of tonight, I have only been at the Langlys' house for one day.
Haha, I think I caught a few of you blink in confusion. It's okay. You'll get it sooner or later.
Anyway. The year is 2032 in my time, President Stone is currently in office, we are no longer at war with Iraq, but we're not at peace either, if that tells you anything. Foster children are given out like free candy because of lack of homes and interest for kids. So now it's like, "Hey, Boss, I want another kid for a month. Can you arrange that?"
"Sure thing!"
This is my life.
Anyway, so I've learned some things about the Langlys. Blake is a sergeon at Sky Ridge Medical Center in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I'm from downtown Denver, so living down here is like, like, Nirvana.
~~Change In Story (CIS): Jenn has a mom, who didn't die, and her name is Leslie.~~
Leslie is a medical missionary and goes throughout the world bringing back odd wooden things she hangs on the walls.
Jenn...well, is Jenn. Bright green eyes, and all innocence. She is great. If you ever wanted a better friend, come talk to Jenn after the show.
The Langlys had somewhat of a crisis seven years ago when Jenn's beloved twin brother, Seth (I know this is odd, it gets even weirder), got run over by a car on his bike and was killed. Seth also had black hair and looked (apparently) a lot like me. Only he had clouded grey eyes because he was blind.
So, Jenn, being the brilliant teenager she is, was surfing the net one day and came across Hearthstone Fostering (Note: Don't look this up, it's fictional). You can keep any kid for any amount of time! All you have to do is apply...and get accepted (no easy matter).
So me, Seth, black hair, looks like Seth Langly, got snatched up by the Langlys.
Think of it as an alien abduction, because their world is the...oh, what do you call it? A parallel universe different to mine.
The really sad thing was, though, going into my bedroom. They still had a few of Seth L's things left untouched. Like his baseball mitt that he drew all over is still sitting on the desk. And his soccer kleets are still in the closet (which, I'll have to admit is a little creepy).
I'm tired now, and am going to get off the computer. Say 'hi' to all of my 2009 friends for me!
And Kendra -- I'm just going to give you a shout-out -- Limer, Steph, and I love you. Thanks for actually reading Steph's long post about Mexico.
Everyone else follow the example and do the same, now, please! Thanks!
Live today, hope I am tomorrow,

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